Holiday project for the TJX Companies

I was recently hired by Havas Worldwide to shoot these images as well as many still lives for Homegoods, Marshalls and TJMaxx social media promotions.  The entire project was shot over 2 days at the TJX studio.  


Uncommon Feasts

I recently had the pleasure of shooting images for Michelle Mulford's web site, Uncommon Feasts.  We were lucky and honored to be joined by food stylist Catrine Kelty to lend a skilled and passionate hand.  It was a fun and inspired day as the three of us "played" with Michelle's delicious menu.  

Michelle caters small gatherings and events in the Boston area.  You can see the rest of her site here:

Catrine Kelty's work can be seen here: Be sure to check out her Instagram feed as well!





Two PeaRs in a Pod

For my very first blog post (I know, I’m a little late to the game) I thought it would be fitting to tell the story of how Amy and I first met or, more accurately, how we first spoke to each other.

We were second year students at the New England School of Photography. After a critique in our color printing class, for which I had presented a photo of two pears, Amy came up to me and asked, in a nervous voice, “How did you do it?” Up to this point, neither of us had spoken a word to each other. Oh, I was very aware of her and I really wanted to get to know her better but I didn’t have the nerve to approach her. I’m a very shy person and I was a little stunned that she was talking to me. Rather than take advantage of this fortuitous moment, though, I blurted out, in what I later learned was a very dismissive and condescending tone, “I just opened up two stops.” Then I walked away. Within seconds, I knew I had blown it, like an idiot!

Apparently I hadn’t blown it that bad. The next day, I was in one of the color darkrooms—which were the size of a closet; just big enough for an enlarger and space to stand—when I heard someone next door singing Bonnie Raitt, and loudly. I had a feeling it was Amy and when I heard her open her door, I mustered up some courage and opened mine. “Was that you singing?” I asked. “Your voice is amazing!” (Her voice really is amazing.) She was embarrassed and didn’t realize anyone could hear her. That night our class went out to dinner and I made sure I sat next to her. We were married three years later. 

The photo of the pears has become a big part of our story. We proudly displayed it at our wedding and it still hangs in our house.